Thursday, February 18, 2016

Evening Out

The Flying Clubhouse: Evening Out
The Flying Clubhouse: Evening Out | date night outfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Evening Out | chipping sparrow
The Flying Clubhouse: Evening Out | cardinal
We're moving on in February, but still I wanted to share another Valentine's/date night look. This was the outfit I chose for a Valentine's dinner date, but I changed to a long-sleeved dress at the last minute because it was so terribly cold and icy that evening. The bird photos were taken the day after February 14th, and you can see the remains of the ice from the storm the evening before.

Maybe this outfit hasn't made it out yet, but I still like it and plan to wear it on the next fancy occasion (when the weather gets warmer). I pulled this black chiffon dress out of an unsorted bin at one of those intimidating pay-by-the-pound thrift store outlets. Based on the light weight, I'm guessing the cost of this dress was about 60 cents. (I'm not completely sure because I bought some other items). I was instantly attracted to the shift silhouette and white wreath embroidery detail. It was missing a button, but that was an easy fix. It also survived the washing machine. I put almost all my thrifted finds through the wash, even if they're dry-clean or hand-wash only, like this dress. It's fun and romantic, and I'm glad I can give it new life.

dress // shawl: thrifted
60s evening clutch: thrifted // vintage
moon necklace: gift
lipstick: wet'n'wild megalast stoplight red

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  1. Oh, Anna, you look so glamorous!
    I could totally imagine you going to one of those restaurants where you have to get a reservation beforehand, drinking a glass of wine over the candle light. Although I'm not sure if that's your cup of tea (get it? 'Cause I know you like tea ;) )
    Also, love your occasional bird watch. It must be nice to live where you are.

    Alive as Always

  2. You are simply stunning. That shade of red is beautiful on you! Your hair has grown so much! :)

  3. Your hair and make-up are so lovely. This is a fun date night outfit!