Friday, April 15, 2016

Three Pink Roses

The Flying Clubhouse: Three Pink Roses | bell sleeve dress
The Flying Clubhouse: Three Pink Roses | spring outfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Three Pink Roses | 60s coin necklace
The Flying Clubhouse: Three Pink Roses
The Flying Clubhouse: Three Pink Roses | think pink lipstick
The Flying Clubhouse: Three Pink Roses
I bought this dress on sale from asos recently. (Boo, not secondhand, I know...) I had been on the hunt for a white tunic dress with angelic bell sleeves for months and had no luck with my usual thrift and vintage sources. While I have great success thrifting accessories, separates, shoes, and outerwear, I find that solid dresses in my preferred shape and size are the most difficult to score. But dresses like this make the best backdrop for all the interesting vintage costume jewelry, scarves, and bags I like to wear.

These deep purple tights came from Ruche years ago. They've held up amazingly well, considering how often I've worn them. I am very sorry to see that Ruche is closing. I hadn't shopped there in a long time, but I have fond memories of their pretty lookbooks. Additionally, the headband I wore at my wedding came from Ruche. So many businesses and online shops come and go, but it's a shame to see such a lovely spot on the internet come to an end.

I don't have much of a social life, but we have some events coming up this spring - a party, the odd evening out, and a graduation - where this outfit will be just the thing. I'm a complete sucker for a little white dress.

dress: asos (out of stock)
tights: shop ruche
coin necklace: vintage 60s
amethyst pendant: jewelers paradise


  1. Such a lovely outfit. A bit ethereal in a way that reminds me- very subtly- of The Last Unicorn.

    1. Thank you! That's interesting. One of my best friends in college just loved The Last Unicorn, and I've always meant to see it but never got around to it. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

  2. I am sad to hear Ruche is closing. I quite liked their aesthetic and I feel kind of guilty for not ordering from them. Your dress, on the other hand, is to die for. I would absolutely wear this outfit for any reason I could think of. Totally my style.

    1. Thank you so much!

      I'm always sad to see a good business go, but it's all too common, isn't it?

  3. Enchanting, romantically beautiful outfit. Isn't it the best when tights hold up for ages? I've had one pair (black with wee little white Swiss dots) for about seven years now. They were dirt cheap (under $10 USD on eBay) and have been worn dozens of times, yet are still somehow intact. It will almost feel like losing a friend when they do eventually bite the dust.

    Have a terrific week!
    ♥ Jessica