Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last Day of August

After a week of living with a decluttered closet, I'm extremely pleased with the results. I've since tackled the bathroom, my sock and pajama drawer, our one linen/miscellaneous closet, my makeup collection, our books, and now I'm after the kitchen cupboards. We've lived here for almost four years now, and it's been easy to eliminate things we haven't really used in that time. I don't like cleaning, so I see this major declutter as an investment for less tidying in the future.

Another area I've started working on, but have much accomplish yet, is my my small army of accessories - namely bags. This cross-body is one I won't be getting rid of. It's from my last thrifting excursion, about a month ago, and it's the one I've been using most recently. I really love a sturdy cross-body bag with a simple design. I may take note of which bags in my collection I've actually used in a few months and send the rest packing. 

This American Apparel dress is my favorite right now. It's the perfect a-line mini dress. It's cut snugly in the shoulders, which I like because it gives it such a nice shape (I'm wearing a medium). The print is so lovely and sort of represents the colors in my wardrobe - navy, teal, burgundy, purple. The weather is still so hot but I feel that I can finally wear long sleeves now - at least in air-conditioned spaces.

bag: thrifted

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  1. I've said it once and I'll say it again: that hair of yours is simply gorgeous!
    Sometimes I'm just at a loss for words at how gorgeous you are ♥︎
    That bag is so cute, I don't blame you for wanting to hold on to it forever ;)
    Also, a cute, unique and ethical dress? Yes, please!

    Alive as Always

    1. Thank you, Bivi. Your words are too kind. I do like how American Apparel is made. :-)

  2. Decluttering your closet always feels great. To be surrounded by only what you love most is a heavenly feeling, though I do find that with thrifting it is easy to end up with too many great finds! So I need to cull again soon, haha. You're right though, that AA dress IS totally perfect for the end of summer.

    1. Yes, it does! And you're so right. I've had to ban myself from thrifting for awhile. :-)

  3. Your hair looks so gorgeous! You are giving me serious Autumn inspiration right now, such a great post :)