Thursday, October 20, 2016


The Flying Clubhouse: Pleats #falloutfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Pleats #longbangs
The Flying Clubhouse: Pleats #pumpkin
The Flying Clubhouse: Pleats #pleatedskirt
I've got my bangs mojo back. I've been cutting my own for years and years, but I still flub them now and then. I finally realized I needed to start them higher on my head. Now they blend better with the sides of my hair and provide the frame I was looking for. I'm always debating about wearing them down or to the side, but it turns out they brush to the side much easier when they start further up on my head.  It also helped to thin them out significantly at the bottom.

No doubt cutting your own bangs is a risky business, and I believe most people who do it have had unintentional results at least once. I've always thought it was worth it, though, despite the occasional Jason Funderburker or accidental baby doll fringe

Including alterations to my face curtain, I also shortened this vintage pleated skirt. Looking at these photos, I'm thinking of taking in the hips a little too, but otherwise I happy with the results. I hadn't planned on wearing this light blouse again until nest spring, but with the spike in temperatures, I was happy to bring it out one more time. Although I'm not really looking forward to winter, I'd be happy to go back to wearing turtlenecks all the time.

On a serious note, I'm sure a lot of you heard already about how vintage blogger Jessica Cangiano recently lost her home, business, and precious cat to a horrible fire. But just in case this is news, here's a link to her blog and information on how to help the Cangianos out. As of now, it looks like a lot of good people have pulled together for the crowd-sourcing campaign, but they still need plenty of help and love to get back on their feet.

blouse: pylo (out of stock)
skirt: vintage via etsy
shoes: second-hand via ebay
bag: vintage 70s


  1. Oohh! I love the sleeves on your blouse!

  2. There are so many details to figure out to have a good set of bangs, and they go from perfect to too long in a day sometimes it seems! That's good you got yours sorted out. :) Lovely outfit too!
    The Artyologist