Monday, November 7, 2016

Stormy Sweater

The Flying Clubhouse: Stormy Sweater
The Flying Clubhouse: Stormy SweaterThe Flying Clubhouse: Stormy Sweater
The Flying Clubhouse: Stormy Sweater | secondhand cashmere
The Flying Clubhouse: Stormy Sweater | secondhand cashmere
This cashmere sweater was beige. I tried to dye it black, but came out this nice blue-gray color instead. Dying cashmere is risky, but this sweater was an inexpensive purchase on eBay and it had a few holes I needed to mend. This made me brave enough to experiment. There was no shrinkage - always a worry when using hot water to dye. Despite a lighter-than-intended color, I was pleased with the results. Blue-gray is a lovely stormy-weather color.

I have another secondhand cashmere sweater, also found on eBay. It's more of a neutral gray. It also needed a little hole mended. Once repaired, none of these flaws are noticeable on either sweater. Cashmere feels so nice, and as expensive as it is I'd much rather give an old sweater with some flaws new life again than invest in a new one. What's your opinion? Do you have much experience with secondhand sweaters? As I write this post I'm wearing a light pink 80s or 90s sweater I thrifted locally, and I'm feeling very cozy and ready for winter.

sweater // tights // skirt // bag: ebay
boots: thrifted
heart pendant: asos (old, similar)


  1. I'm always impressed when you dye your clothes. The color is lovely!

  2. That is such a great idea, as it can be hard to find second-hand sweaters in the colour you want! I've never dyed anything before, but I should try this the next time I find something that is the wrong colour.

  3. I always think "maybe I could dye this" when I buy something that's not quite right, and you're making me want to actually give it a try! This slate gray color is really lovely, and just as versatile, I think, as black would have been.