Saturday, June 17, 2017

Recent Paintings | June, 2017

The Flying Clubhouse: Recent Paintings | June, 2017
The Flying Clubhouse: Recent Paintings | June, 2017
The Flying Clubhouse: Recent Paintings | June, 2017
The Flying Clubhouse: Recent Paintings | June, 2017
The Flying Clubhouse: Recent Paintings | June, 2017
The Flying Clubhouse: Recent Paintings | June, 2017
The Flying Clubhouse: Recent Paintings | June, 2017
All through the spring I've been working on a series of paintings that I call the Nostalgia Series. They're all characterized by thick layers of paint, palette knife work, and pastel colors.

The four paintings in the first five photos are available in my shop now. The last two photos show works in progress. I'm probably finished painting them, but they are oil over an acrylic base, and oil takes a long time to dry. The ability to step back, observe my work, and then scrape off paint is something I find satisfying about oil paint. Acrylics dry too fast to scrape off - at least after a few seconds, but the fast drying time is great for creating many layers. I love painting with both.

I debate with myself over what size canvas to work with. During the process, 12" x 12" inch canvases are very satisfying to paint, but when I step back and look at them on the wall, they seem to be the size of a postage stamp. A painting that's large enough to make a splash in a room is my preference in the end. The piece in the last photo is 16" x 16," which is big enough to brighten up a an average-sized room - I think. It features a good amount of yellow ochre - straight from the tube - which is my favorite yellow.

Anyway, these are some recent paintings and thoughts on the process. I hope your June is going well!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Downtown Summertime

The Flying Clubhouse: Downtown Summertime #outfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Downtown Summertime #outfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Downtown Summertime #outfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Downtown Summertime #outfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Downtown Summertime #outfit
The Flying Clubhouse: Downtown Summertime #outfit
Wow! An outfit! It's been awhile. Steven captured these photos shortly before heading to a festival downtown. A good fashion blogger would get photos at the scene, I suppose, but I prefer to focus on having fun and leaving the heavy camera at home. Plus, I like the backdrop of trees. 

Nothing in this outfit is new. I bought this shirt a for our road trip in 2015. It's a good summer vacation top - and it's actually still available. The leopard boots and cutoffs are newish addition from the local thrift store. Both are extremely comfortable. 

boots // shorts // bag: second-hand
shirt: novica
necklace: vintage
hat: target (old)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Home Tour

I've never given a home tour on this blog. Our home is an eclectic refuge and workspace for us. Almost all our things are thrifted, inherited, or diy. We don't do much entertaining, and it's not exactly blog-beautiful, but recently we moved things around to make the most of our space, and I took pictures while things were still somewhat tidy.
This corner is my new office. I sit in this chair and write or do online business. The battered dresser was the one I grew up with. I now use it to store my ebay wares and packing supplies. I don't feel like I need a since I use a laptop and I spend much of the day sitting at a table, painting.
In the same room, in the other corner, is my art studio. If you're on a tight budget and have ugly walls, my best advice is to look at scarves as fabric wall hangings. The scarves on the walls were between $0.25 and $2.00 each at local thrift stores, and they cover a large amount of wall.
We have two of these green velour chairs. They came from a great uncle I never met, then they went to my grandparents, who passed them on to my parents, who gave them to me when they moved last year. My parents never cared for the green velour, but I always thought these chairs were beautiful. Growing up, our cats liked them too. I can still picture Brownie - in her old age - nestling in the middle of the squishy green cushion. Funny story: my husband and I are watching Raising Hope on Netflix, and an almost identical chair appears in the chaotic Chance home occasionally.
I've carefully angled these photos to hide the hideous window unit! It's certainly an eyesore, but I am glad to have it on these warmer, humid days. Our place is small, and we were painfully aware of how underused our dining room was. Recently, we turned it into more of a living space - with books, two easy chairs, and some crates where we stashed our board games and puzzles.
Our former living room is now more of a den/office/studio space for Steven. The half-barrel coffee table was actually a crazy LAMP I picked up at a yard sale. 

If you're not a fan of our brown shaggy carpet, you are not alone. I'm also completely over the "rental beige" color on the walls, which can look a little jaundiced in some light. It's why I've gone overboard with colorful art and art prints on the walls.
The poppy painting is one of my originals from awhile back. Poppies used to be a favorite subject of mine. I'm not too keen on hanging my own art up, but if there's a painting that hasn't sold yet and a spare nail on the wall, up it goes.
This beautiful mandala was a christmas gift from my parents. It's from Novica, and still available. It's a perfect substitute for a headboard. We use simple crates for night stands.
Someday I'd like a place with hardwood floors and colorful rooms, where I'll take a more minimal approach to putting things up on the walls. But for now this is home and I believe we've made it our own as much as possible.

Do you have any rental/budget home decor tips? How to you make your space your own?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Around the Clubhouse: May, 2017

The Flying Clubhouse: Studio Space
The Flying Clubhouse: Black Sheep Club Pin by Color Theory Shop
Well, it looks like this space IS turning into an art blog... Actually, what's here is a reflection of what's going on in my life. If you're reading this, thanks for sticking around!

This past week I took part in the @CarveOutTimeForArt hashtag challenge on Instagram, which you can find at @AnnaFranklinArt. Some of the photos I posted are here. Steven and I recently rearranged three of the rooms at our place, and I'm very happily settling my art studio and workspace into one room. Steven now shares his office with the living room. He sacrificed some space for me, and I'm so grateful for that, but he's also close to the window unit air conditioner and his games. I'm far away from the air conditioner and we are both satisfied with the situation. He's the best.

I feel that I can be more productive now with all my projects in one space. I'm even trying to make one of the walls in my studio room a good place to shoot outfit photos in front of, but it's taking some work! All the walls are rental beige with lots of wear. I am hesitant to get permission to repaint since we don't know how long we will stay. I'm putting up pictures instead. 

Anyway, here's a photo of my new studio space. We thrifted this sturdy table and I hung up some scarves to hide the breaker box and splotchy wall. I'm using painted drop cloths to protect the carpet.

On some of these chilly spring evenings and mornings, I'm enjoying burning a cotton candy-scented candle. It looks orange in my photo, but it's actually pink. A pink cotton candy candle - from "Wally World," no less, might sound gross, but it's fantastic!! Even Steven loves it. 

How cute is this little Black Sheep Club pin from Lisa's Color Theory Shop? I got it a few months ago and have been wearing on my denim jacket ever since.

I hope you've had a lovely spring. I've been loving some of this cool weather, I know it won't last long. 

All the best!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Savannah, GA

Oh dear! I did not mean to take such a long break from blogging. I've been so busy, and I'm not very good at balancing my time. I've been settling into more of a routine and working at carving out time for this space, though.

Over spring break, Steven planned a short surprise trip to Savannah, GA. It was a lot of fun and we packed so much into three and a half days. The first evening we took a ghost story walking tour at night. Savannah is packed with ghost tours, and while we were on ours we saw many others go by - by bus, by horse and carriage - even by hearse! I'm a skeptic  - I don't believe in ghosts, but I do love a good ghost story and local legends. We chose this particular ghost tour because it was advertised as having a historical component. This claim was... shakey, at best. But despite being weak in the factual department, it was a fun way to tour the city at night.

We enjoyed the beach at Tybee Island best, and I'm only brave enough to show you the back of my thrift-store bathing suit. :D I know it's the beginning of fashion revolution week, and I'm sorry to I have nothing prepared on the subject. I will say this: if you think buying a bathing suit at a thrift store is weird, please don't be put off by my polka-dot swim shorts. Getting swimwear second-hand has been a good economical solution for me, and I also brought along a cute thrifted 80s floral one-piece (not pictured). That's just my aesthetic, but it's amazing how much like-new and contemporary swimwear you can find at a local thrift store.

One interesting stop on our trip was the old Ogeechee Canal. The canal was no longer used by the late 1800s, but today you can walk a trail next to the ruins of the barge canal and enjoy to beauty of the wetlands. It was a haunting place. We didn't know anything about this historic site before our trip - we just ended up following a sign, and I'm glad we did. We kept a wary eye for alligators and snakes, though.

On our last day, after visiting the SCAD Museum of Art (do not miss)! we got a distant view of the Cockspur Island Lighthouse - a forlorn building now surrounded by water. It's located near historic Fort Pulaski, which is also worth visiting. It was almost too hot to walk the trail to the view, and we were eaten alive by mosquitos. However, I'm a bit of a lighthouse enthusiast, and ultimately it was worth the trek. I would bring bug spray next time.

This was such a busy whirl-wind of a trip that coming home has felt like a vacation as well! One important travel tip: don't visit Savannah in the warm months without getting your car's broken air conditioner fixed first! #lessonslearned #toohot

I hope you all have been having a beautiful spring!