Monday, October 20, 2014

Clouds of October

cloudy mountain landscape with red leaves
fall landscape with pine trees
yellow wildflowers
falling leaves, stormy weather
falling leaves, stormy weather
traffic lights, autumn leaves, stormy clouds
rain, autumn traffic
With the advent of fierce weather, I'm surprised the colorful leaves haven't been swept entirely from the trees. The autumn colors stand out brilliantly under dark clouds, however.

Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37b - October: Autumn Song

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Costumes from Halloweens Past

Costumes from Halloweens Past
On the first Halloween after our marriage, we began a tradition of costumes. We choose a theme together, and our costumes are home-made (or home-assembled) and done on a budget. We love making silly poses and mugging for the camera on Halloween, and I enjoy making the costumes for us in the days leading up to it. I'm very excited about our costumes this year, which are about 75% finished, but for now I'd like to share our costumes from Halloweens past.
Homemade Halloween costumes - Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope
Homemade Halloween costumes - Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph: Ralph and Vanellope

I enjoy movies involving lots of candy even more than horror films around Halloween, but Wreck-It Ralph is one of our favorites any time of year. These costumes were great fun to put together. A few pieces were thrifted, and some we already had - like the orange t-shirt and shorts. I used Rit color-remover and dye to color my formerly navy leggings teal, and I also dyed the green plaid insert on Ralph's costume. We couldn't find inexpensive overalls, so I pinned an overall bib I made from scrap fabric to a pair of my husband's shorts. He really wanted the cookie award to be part of  his costume, so I constructed it from polymer clay, which I also used for my hair candy. The stripes on my legs were white duct tape. My hair was colored dark brown at the time, which worked for the costume, but we used some temporary hair color spray to cover my husband's blonde.

Favorite part: hair candy and Ralph's award
If I did it again: bake more of the hair candy pieces directly on to the bobby pins instead of trying to attach them with beading wire (too clumsy, and snags your hair)!
Homemade Halloween costumes - Kate Walker, Oscar
Homemade Halloween costumes - Syberia
Syberia: Kate Walker and Oscar

I was rather proud of these last-minute Syberia costumes I assembled from things around our house. This was a few days before Halloween, also last year. Nothing was purchased for these costumes. (I already owned a pair of steampunk goggles, haha). These costumes were based on how the characters appear in the 2004 game, Syberia II, which was perfect for wearing outdoors in the brisk weather. 

Favorite part: cutting the fingers off a pair of damaged leather gloves and turning them inside out to get the effect I was looking for. Also, drawing a metallic mustache on my husband's face with silver eye-liner.
If I did it again: I'd love to create accurate versions of these costumes someday, though - paying special attention the automaton costume.
Halloween costumes, 1920s, Lackadaisy
Homemade Halloween costumes
Home-made Halloween costumes
Halloween costumes: Lackadaisy
Lackadaisy: Rocky and Ivy

This was our first Halloween together, and these costumes were somewhat last-minute (we were married earlier that month)! I'm a big fan of Tracy J. Butler's comic, Lackadaisy. Cats, prohibition, St. Louis, pancakes and so much more. That's all I'm going to say about it. It must be read. Our costumes were inspired by human versions of two of our favorite characters. My husband's trousers, suspenders and tie were thrifted, and I purchased some yellow Rit dye to color my dress and fabric for the scarf and hat embellishment. Everything else we found in our own closets.

Favorite part: flirting with the Roaring '20s.
If I did it again: make the little club pins (which the characters in the comic wear) from polymer clay.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any photos of your past Halloween costumes, please feel free to link to them in the comments - I'd love to see them!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vanish in Thin Air

autumn outfit: floppy hat, gray dress, cardigan
wild flowers
Misty autumn
october field
autumn outfit: scarf, skater dress, cardigan, backpack
autumn mist
Pine trees
red and yellow ferns
black boots, fall leaves
Autumn mists, black hat
We've had a series of misty, rainy days, but fall is working its magic with colorful leaves. It was great to spend a Saturday outdoors in mysterious weather. I wore a very comfortable outfit, with fuzzy tights and my favorite shoes. I love plain dresses like this heather gray one. It's perfect for adding any sort of layer.

dress // tights: asos (old)
scarf (modified): sugar magnolia
cardigan // bag: second-hand/thrifted
boots: sears (old)
hat: target

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Autumn with Paint the Gown Red

Hello! Today I'm swapping blogs with Jamie from Paint the Gown Red. She lives in California, while I live in North Carolina, so we thought it would be fun to share our different (and similar) fall experiences. Autumn greetings, Jamie! - Anna
Autumn with Paint the Gown Red
Hello Flying Clubhouse readers! I’m Jamie of lifestyle blog, Paint the Gown Red. Those of you who are longtime fans of Anna may recognize me from a style swap I did with her way back when, on October Rebel. We loved working together so much that we had to do it again. So today we’re swapping blogs to highlight our own interpretations of autumn. Living across the country from one another makes for vastly different climate and scenery. You’ll see! Head to Paint the Gown Red to see Anna’s post and please let us know what you think!

First of all, fall means food. Heavy decadent delicious food. It means other things too, but my strongest representation of autumn comes from the pumpkin, nut, cranberry and cinnamon flavors. I’m an avid baker over on Paint the Gown Red and use the start of the season as an excuse to bust out my stretchy pants and bulk up for the winter. Even though we don’t get winter here in SoCal… and we barely get Fall. The leaves don’t change color and it hasn’t been remotely chilly. So because it doesn’t really look or feel like fall, you have to go out of your way to get the full effect of the season. Pumpkin patches are the place to do that.  Standing in a mini hay maze surrounded by hundreds of pumpkins, well that’s undoubtedly fall. Even if it is 100 degrees out.
Because it’s still so hot, I haven’t dared wear tights, pants or a jacket. But I still find ways to incorporate fall into my outfits. This camera dress is one of my all-time favorites because it mixes a summer style with fall colors. On days when I’m feeling particularly brave, I’ll strap on a short boot, and hope my feet don’t melt off. A dark wide brimmed hat is also great because it’s a fall accessory that will shield your face from the blinding sun. It’s little things like this that get me into the fall feeling, in a place where autumn is so uncharacteristic.
A big thanks to Anna for inviting me onto her blog today and to all of you for being such a great audience! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what makes my autumn. Things are a little different in other parts of the country, no? Be sure to check out Anna’s autumn representation over on Paint the Gown Red!

Dress: ModCloth
 Hat: Arden B
Boots: DV

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn Song

October outfit: dark floral dress, burnt orange and gray bag
Black lace-up boots, black wool-blend tights
Malia Designs fall crossbody bag
Fall outfit: cozy black cardigan
Pumpkin, broom, bag
The air is cold, the leaves are turning, and I'm reaching for fuzzy cardigans. This one has been living in my costume box for years, and I'm not sure why it hasn't been a part of my everyday wardrobe - but it definitely is now. The big, floppy collar is very cozy. (Incidentally, this is the same cardigan and tights I wore with my witch's costume at the Land of Oz).

This concludes the remix featuring the Hello Dolly dress from Mata Traders. (For now, that is - I know I'll be wearing this dress all fall and winter). I love how it layers, and I couldn't be crazier about the print and colors.

Have you pulled out any autumnal layers or accessories recently? I think my favorite autumn accessory is a cup of hot tea. I'm off to brew some!

dress: c/o mata traders
tights // dress (used as top): asos (old)
bag: c/o malia designs
boots // cardigan: second-hand

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn at Oz

Yellow Brick Road in North Carolina
Dorothy costume
Witch costume
Rusted Tin Man statue
View from Land of Oz on Beech Mountain, NC
Dorothy costume
Land of Oz sign
Yellow Brick Road
Munchkin houses
Dorothy costume, yellow brick road
Land of Oz gates
Oz balloon
Witch costumes
Red and orange leaves
Yellow Brick Road
My sister and I took a trip to Beech Mountain, NC, to experience the Autumn at Oz festival. The Land of Oz theme park is on top of the mountain, at 5,506 feet. Although it closed in 1980, it is now partially restored so guests can walk through the park every year one weekend in October. The highlights of the festival were the autumn colors, the incredible views, and the long stretch of yellow brick road that runs through the forest.

My sister and I decided to dress up as Dorothy and the Witch (with many layers since it was cold and windy). We were surprised that most attendees did not wear costumes, but ours seemed to be a big hit. Several little girls wanted their picture taken with my sister, and other folks wanted photos with both of us. There were many Oz characters in the park who made the experience a lot of fun. One of the best parts of the walk down the yellow brick road was when a Winkie guard leaned over to my sister and said "You have the power to save us!"

The festival was packed, and there were many long lines, including a wait for the bus to take us up the mountain and a slow-moving line all the way through Dorothy's house. However, everyone was so friendly and relaxed that we didn't mind at all. The Land of Oz isn't something you want to rush through, anyway, and we had a great day out.

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