Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vanish in Thin Air

autumn outfit: floppy hat, gray dress, cardigan
wild flowers
Misty autumn
october field
autumn outfit: scarf, skater dress, cardigan, backpack
autumn mist
Pine trees
red and yellow ferns
black boots, fall leaves
Autumn mists, black hat
We've had a series of misty, rainy days, but fall is working its magic with colorful leaves. It was great to spend a Saturday outdoors in mysterious weather. I wore a very comfortable outfit, with fuzzy tights and my favorite shoes. I love plain dresses like this heather gray one. It's perfect for adding any sort of layer.

dress // tights: asos (old)
scarf (modified): sugar magnolia
cardigan // bag: second-hand/thrifted
boots: sears (old)
hat: target

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  1. It's been rather mysterious in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA, too. We went into the mountains yesterday and the fog was dense and eery.

  2. these photos are so magical and just shout autumn. lovely, lovely work. your meadow nature settings are always so perfect.

  3. Faaabulous photos. Not only for the stellar photography but the outfit too :)

  4. Such a beautiful place. The colour palettes in these pictures are just too endearing, I wish I could step inside these pictures and experience an atmosphere like that. So beautifully eerie! Your outfit looks so cosy and stylish worn, and those boots are fabulous.

  5. I love fog, it's so wonderfully atmospheric. I'm always struck by how your photos so closely resemble the place I live, it seems strange to me how places so many thousands of miles apart can share so many similarities. It gives your photos a sense of comfort to me. I've been enjoying many treks through nature myself lately, but I can't say I look as stylish as you whilst doing it!