Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lights and Tinsel

The Flying Clubhouse: Lights and Tinsel
Flying Clubhouse: Lights and Tinsel
Flying Clubhouse: Lights and Tinsel
Flying Clubhouse: Lights and Tinsel
Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Screw-Back Earrings
Flying Clubhouse: Holiday Party Outfit
Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Brooch
Flying Clubhouse: Lights and Tinsel
The Flying Clubhouse: Blue Christmas LightI hope you're having a peaceful December. I know I'm looking forward to spending some family time this Christmas. Here are a few shots from this month:

1-5. I'm not much for decorating, but we put up our tiny silver tree with sea-blue ornaments. It's been my favorite still life subject this week.
6. I've talked about them before, but I found these vintage screw-back earrings at an antiques shop for a few dollars awhile back. They're perfect for dressing up an outfit - especially this time of year. I've found that the screw-backs are a great option if you don't have pierced ears. They stay in place and don't pinch like clip-ons.
7-8. An outfit I wore to a holiday party.
9. This brooch came from the same antiques shop as the earrings. I haven't worn it yet, but I have a real things for oval-shaped costume jewelry and I think the design is fascinating.
10-11. Some Christmas decorations spotted early this month.

turtleneck // shoes: thrifted
earrings: vintage
tights: asos

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  1. I love how Christmassy your outfit feels!

  2. Such pretty festive pictures and I love your outfit here so much. That velvet skirt is wonderful!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  3. You party outfit is very pretty indeed. Merry christmas!

  4. I am in love with the color scheme of your Christmas tree. How I dream of having a silver tree one day!
    Your holiday outfit is stunning, by the way! So simple, classy, and elegant.