Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Five Favorite Instagrammers

It's hard to believe that June is my first Instagram anniversary. It doesn't seem that long ago I started an account @flyingclubhouse. In the past eleven months it's become my favorite social media app. I've found so many inspiring accounts. Today I've rounded up five of my favorites.

1. @_merricat

Be prepared for a twilight world of mystery and old lace. Dakota has such a unique eye. Her images of abandoned places and boudoir dolls are enchanting.

2. @bywoodsandwater

Take a walk in the woods with Canadian Instagrammer Samantha. Her personal style is a bohemian nature-lover's dream and you won't believe her woven creations.

3. @tipatipati

I've been following Monique for a long time on her blog before I joined Instagram. Her vintage style is absolute perfection and she's an expert at sharing sweet moments with her family in Brooklyn. 

4. @lalafauxbois

Head over to @lalafauxbois if you're in need of brightness and sunshine. Lisa hails from Arizona and is a master of Instagram color. She's a real creative spirit, too.

5. @_oscillations

I'm kind of nuts over Nichole's 60s and 70s-inspired style, which she offers glimpses of at @_oscillations. There are also shots of everyday life (cat pics)! and a good serving of inspiring vintage images.

There are many more Instagram accounts I'm in love with currently. I may need to make a Part 2 and 3 to this post. In the meantime, please shout out your favorite Instagrammers in the comments.


  1. Wonderful list! Three of these engagingly cool folks are new to me. Thank you for the beautiful introductions.

    ♥ Jessica