Thursday, June 16, 2016

Around the Clubhouse: June 16, 2016

June is a magnificent month for flowers. We've been enjoying the rhododendron, hibiscus, black-eyed susans, and hydrangeas. I've been admiring them mostly in the late evening. I have to admit we've been staying inside during the afternoons because of the hot temperature.

Steven and I have been watching the Simpsons. He has the first six seasons on DVD, and while he grew up watching the series in syndication, it's my first time watching the Simpsons. I been enjoying it immensely and an unwanted side effect is an obsession with donuts with sprinkles. I've tried to find some classic Homer Simpson donuts - pink frosting and sprinkles - but chocolate frosting is the closest thing I've come across in our area. Of course, chocolate is fine with me!

At risk of sounding like a couch potato (I am) I saw Disney's Zootopia on the 11th at a dollar theater. I didn't know anything about it - other than seeing the sloth trailer before Star Wars in December. The sloth trailer sold me. I didn't need to read any reviews. (My husband and I both loved Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph)I wasn't expecting it to be so cathartic. In addition to likable characters and an interesting story, it had a complex humanist message and offered a plea for compassion, understanding, and rationality in the face of fear. It seemed incredibly relevant in this political climate. That night I fell asleep re-watching clips from the movie on Youtube. Then we woke up with the rest of America to news of the mass-shooting in Orlando. It was like a punch in the stomach. 

I don't really have point to this story, except to say that we've been heavy-hearted this week and comedy has been a coping mechanism. I hope our species can learn to better understand and care for each other. 

As for other species, Steven is passionate about animals and recently started an interesting twitter account dedicated to raising awareness of human-driven extinction. I'm so proud of him. If you're interested, his twitter handle is @holocenefallen.


  1. Beautiful images and words alike. It really has been a grim and sorrow filled week, adding to a year that has already seen the word muster through so many challenges. Let us hope dearly for a far, far better and more peaceful second half of 2016.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That's an excellent idea for a Twitter account (I just subscribed to it).

  2. What beautifully soft photos. This has been a heartbreaking week but brighter days will come!

    C |