Monday, August 1, 2016

Around the Clubhouse: Cactus Flower

The Flying Clubhouse: Cactus Flower
The Flying Clubhouse: Strawberries in Milk Glass
The Flying Clubhouse: Late Summer Hydrangea
The Flying Clubhouse: Queen Anne's Lace
The Flying Clubhouse: Queen Anne's Lace
The Flying Clubhouse: At the Lake
The Flying Clubhouse: Retro Milk Glass
Wow! It's August! Here are some images from the end of our July. 

I've talked about my lack of horticultural skills before, but this story takes the cake. I acquired a small pincushion cactus a long time ago - sometime when I was a kid. I don't remember how long I've had it, but it's been over 13 years. For ages it's been looking sickly, and I finally determined it had cactus rot at the base. I put it outside in early spring along with another dying cactus and forgot about it. It survived the late freezes, the dry spell, the wet spell, and instead of croaking, it made a flower last week - for the very first time. Maybe all it wanted was to be outside.

It's been so hot lately. Although I just posted some paintings featuring hot drinks, I haven't been drinking tea as much myself. When I do, though, it's from some retro milk glass cups I recently thrifted. This glass mug didn't have a maker's mark on the bottom, but I was drawn to the groovy flower design. It's going to get a lot more use this fall. But I don't want to think about the seasons changing yet. We enjoyed our July and I'm looking forward to this month. August is such a beautiful time for wildflowers here.


  1. Your cactus story has a happier ending than my ivy, which did in fact die :( Glad that yours survived and even flowered for you!
    Also, I love that picture of the lilies on the pond- so pretty and perfect!
    The Artyologist

  2. Lovely! I love your photo of tea as well as the post you shared of the impressionist still lives. xo

  3. Peaceful, soothing images. These are just lovely and have me yearning to move outdoors and near a pond with waterlilies in it for the remainder of the summer (if only, eh?).

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  4. I fell in love with pincushion cactuses immediately because 1) they're so tiny and cute, 2) they look great with other cacti / succulents, 3) they sometimes surprise us with such beautiful flowers, thanks so much for sharing the story of yours!

  5. these are so close and calming and i love it. i've always wanted a cactus flower of my own, ah my heart! i do enjoy your outfits but your simple photography posts are gold <3

    (also p.s. i have moved to a new space!! you can now find me at WAKE ME UP Blog