Monday, April 24, 2017

Savannah, GA

Oh dear! I did not mean to take such a long break from blogging. I've been so busy, and I'm not very good at balancing my time. I've been settling into more of a routine and working at carving out time for this space, though.

Over spring break, Steven planned a short surprise trip to Savannah, GA. It was a lot of fun and we packed so much into three and a half days. The first evening we took a ghost story walking tour at night. Savannah is packed with ghost tours, and while we were on ours we saw many others go by - by bus, by horse and carriage - even by hearse! I'm a skeptic  - I don't believe in ghosts, but I do love a good ghost story and local legends. We chose this particular ghost tour because it was advertised as having a historical component. This claim was... shakey, at best. But despite being weak in the factual department, it was a fun way to tour the city at night.

We enjoyed the beach at Tybee Island best, and I'm only brave enough to show you the back of my thrift-store bathing suit. :D I know it's the beginning of fashion revolution week, and I'm sorry to I have nothing prepared on the subject. I will say this: if you think buying a bathing suit at a thrift store is weird, please don't be put off by my polka-dot swim shorts. Getting swimwear second-hand has been a good economical solution for me, and I also brought along a cute thrifted 80s floral one-piece (not pictured). That's just my aesthetic, but it's amazing how much like-new and contemporary swimwear you can find at a local thrift store.

One interesting stop on our trip was the old Ogeechee Canal. The canal was no longer used by the late 1800s, but today you can walk a trail next to the ruins of the barge canal and enjoy to beauty of the wetlands. It was a haunting place. We didn't know anything about this historic site before our trip - we just ended up following a sign, and I'm glad we did. We kept a wary eye for alligators and snakes, though.

On our last day, after visiting the SCAD Museum of Art (do not miss)! we got a distant view of the Cockspur Island Lighthouse - a forlorn building now surrounded by water. It's located near historic Fort Pulaski, which is also worth visiting. It was almost too hot to walk the trail to the view, and we were eaten alive by mosquitos. However, I'm a bit of a lighthouse enthusiast, and ultimately it was worth the trek. I would bring bug spray next time.

This was such a busy whirl-wind of a trip that coming home has felt like a vacation as well! One important travel tip: don't visit Savannah in the warm months without getting your car's broken air conditioner fixed first! #lessonslearned #toohot

I hope you all have been having a beautiful spring!

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  1. I'm glad you're posting again! :)
    And, it looks like you had a lovely holiday. That's a really cute bathing suit- it's amazing what you can find at thrift stores sometimes!
    The Artyologist