Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Home Tour

I've never given a home tour on this blog. Our home is an eclectic refuge and workspace for us. Almost all our things are thrifted, inherited, or diy. We don't do much entertaining, and it's not exactly blog-beautiful, but recently we moved things around to make the most of our space, and I took pictures while things were still somewhat tidy.
This corner is my new office. I sit in this chair and write or do online business. The battered dresser was the one I grew up with. I now use it to store my ebay wares and packing supplies. I don't feel like I need a since I use a laptop and I spend much of the day sitting at a table, painting.
In the same room, in the other corner, is my art studio. If you're on a tight budget and have ugly walls, my best advice is to look at scarves as fabric wall hangings. The scarves on the walls were between $0.25 and $2.00 each at local thrift stores, and they cover a large amount of wall.
We have two of these green velour chairs. They came from a great uncle I never met, then they went to my grandparents, who passed them on to my parents, who gave them to me when they moved last year. My parents never cared for the green velour, but I always thought these chairs were beautiful. Growing up, our cats liked them too. I can still picture Brownie - in her old age - nestling in the middle of the squishy green cushion. Funny story: my husband and I are watching Raising Hope on Netflix, and an almost identical chair appears in the chaotic Chance home occasionally.
I've carefully angled these photos to hide the hideous window unit! It's certainly an eyesore, but I am glad to have it on these warmer, humid days. Our place is small, and we were painfully aware of how underused our dining room was. Recently, we turned it into more of a living space - with books, two easy chairs, and some crates where we stashed our board games and puzzles.
Our former living room is now more of a den/office/studio space for Steven. The half-barrel coffee table was actually a crazy LAMP I picked up at a yard sale. 

If you're not a fan of our brown shaggy carpet, you are not alone. I'm also completely over the "rental beige" color on the walls, which can look a little jaundiced in some light. It's why I've gone overboard with colorful art and art prints on the walls.
The poppy painting is one of my originals from awhile back. Poppies used to be a favorite subject of mine. I'm not too keen on hanging my own art up, but if there's a painting that hasn't sold yet and a spare nail on the wall, up it goes.
This beautiful mandala was a christmas gift from my parents. It's from Novica, and still available. It's a perfect substitute for a headboard. We use simple crates for night stands.
Someday I'd like a place with hardwood floors and colorful rooms, where I'll take a more minimal approach to putting things up on the walls. But for now this is home and I believe we've made it our own as much as possible.

Do you have any rental/budget home decor tips? How to you make your space your own?


  1. I love how you've decorated, it looks so cosy and I can see so much of your personality in it. I hear you on the rental struggles! I'm not allowed to put nails on the walls which is even more frustrating, I'm a loyal customer to command strips and have just had to get used to things randomly falling down. A lot of my furniture came with the flat so I'm a great fan of throws which I use draped over my sofa and another on my coffee table. I also love a good rug, it's amazing how they can change the entire vibe of a room and I like how they look overlapped.

    1. Oh, I love Command strips! I wish they were more affordable. I like the hooks too. I am so familiar with the sporadic falling down sound. I agree, rugs are great. Someday I'd like a big oriental rug. I'm probably not allowed to put nails in the walls too, but there are already numerous holes, water stains, patchy paint, cracks - I don't feel like I'm doing much damage!

      Hope you're doing well! <3

  2. I love seeing "modest" homes. Sometimes the pinterest homes look too perfect and therefore uncomfortable. I have to agree- I hate bland walls! Most rentals have been white walls, but all the houses that are for sale have the same creamy beige. Gosh it is so ugly.

    1. Thanks for dropping by!

      Lol, if the flu had a color, it would be that creamy beige. Landlords and people selling homes need to learn that it's a terrible color. I keep debating about asking our landlady if we can paint, but I don't know how long we'll be here and I don't know if I want to invest in such a change.

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    1. Thanks, Kristian! I hope you and the family are doing well!

  4. Wow, Anna! Your house is exactly how I imagined it to be!
    I love all your chairs, they just look so gorgeous, unique and cozy.
    And I'd like to beg to differ, because I believe your home is definitely blog-worthy—maybe not modern-interior styled but definitely a sight for sore eyes.
    My favourite part is your office corner and the low bookcase by that other chair. I feel like I could sit up curled on those chairs for hours. I can totally see you sipping up tea and immersed in a book on a cold autumn afternoon there.

    Alive as Always

  5. I love your eclectic decorating style! You have done a really great job of bring your personality into your space, despite all the things you wish you could change about it. I love all your artwork on the walls- the scarves are an ingenious idea too! And, I love unique vintage chairs too.
    I don't know why rentals are always so beige and tan. Somewhere along the way, I think people got the idea that it was "warmer" than white or something, but I would take plain old white over rental tan! My old rental used to have a darker shade of tan, (almost brown) and it was so dreary and dark. :(
    Thanks for sharing your home tour- I really liked seeing it.

  6. Your house is lovely! I so enjoyed this little tour. :)