Thursday, April 4, 2019

Oil and Cold Wax Mixed Media

In the past few weeks I've been adding more drawing elements in my cold wax paintings, using more oil pastels, oil paint sticks, and even experimenting with charcoal, soft pastels, and graphite. It's very freeing, and scratches and old drawing itch of mine. I feel like I'm getting back to my roots. Making marks by scraping into the surface of paintings has been a frequent practice of mine, but I love having both additive and reductive marks in my scruffy pieces - which I've been painting mostly in pairs.
I'll often start a mixed cold wax media painting on panel with gesso and acrylic paints, then I'll add a layer of clear gesso before starting with the oil and cold wax medium. It provides a nice grip for the top layers.
The last few weeks have also been a time for finishing old oil paintings I started a long time ago. The square one - oil on canvas, 16x16, is available in my shop. The painting directly above still has a long time to dry.

Hope you're having a creative April!

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