Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year

The Flying Clubhouse: New YearThe Flying Clubhouse: New Year
The Flying Clubhouse: Plaid Coat
The Flying Clubhouse: New Year
The Flying Clubhouse: New Year
Here are just a few recent scenes and an outfit. On New Year's Eve we hiked to the top of a mountain and, to our surprise, found a hang glider ramp at the top, as well as a beautiful view. There was something symbolic about seeing this ramp starting at the top of a mountain and going off into nowhere.

Although I usually find vintage and second-hand coats, I wanted to find a nice coat to last for many seasons. My beloved vintage coats have gotten are a bit shabby! I fell in love with this black plaid one by Kling, which goes with just about everything in my wardrobe. I consider buying a coat a big investment, and shopped around a bit before choosing this one - it's been worn it almost every day since it arrived, and will certainly be useful since we're entering a cold snap.

The new year brings some major personal challenges that I don't feel quite equipped to write about yet, but if you're currently facing mountains that seem tremendously huge, my heart goes out to you.

Here's to 2015.

Charles Trenet - Le Soleil et la lune - 1939

coat: kling, here, here
beret // boots // bag: thrifted
dress: asos

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  1. Happy New Year, Anna! Big hugs.

  2. What a beautiful coat and what beautiful photographs. What a lovely way to see the New Year in.

  3. I always love how your and your photos seem like something from the illustration of an old children's book- just classic and elegant and understated.

  4. Breathtaking photos, it looks like such a lovely area. Have a great new year and may it bring you all the best in luck!

  5. Stunning view, you can see for days! Chicago is so flat, I miss being able to climb a hill and feel like the world was spread out around me.
    I love that coat. It's so classic, a bit 60s, but still really modern. Great choice.

  6. You new coat is just lovely, I love the shape of it. It looks just darling paired with your beret.
    What a beautiful way to see in the new year. I hope all of your plans fall into place!

  7. Your outfit is so darling, and I love the glow in the sunset photo.

  8. Such a gorgeous post. I love your new coat paired with the red beret. These pictures are super pretty too, as always.

    Happy new year! I feel like I have a lot of work to do to reach my goals this year, so I understand. Good luck!

    Jamie |

  9. That is a beautiful coat! I love Kling :)

  10. Gorgeous coat! I agree, buying a coat takes time and consideration - they last a while!