Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lilac Time

Bouquet of Lilacs, Raoul-Victor-Maurice Maucherat de Longpre, 1861-1897
Floral Study (Lilacs), Antoine Berjon, 1754–1843
Syringa vulgaris L., Redouté, P.J., Choix des plus belles fleurs et des plus beaux fruits, 1833
Bouquet of Lilacs, Alexandre Rene Defaux,1826-1900
Lilacs, Henri Fantin-Latour, 1872
Lilac, Edward Step, Favorite Flowers of Garden and Greenhouse, 1896-97
White Lilac, Isaac Levitan, 1895

It's not really time for lilacs yet, but I associate months with colors and in my mind February is purple. Purples, grays and whites all seem to go with this time of year. I was crazy about wearing the color purple in my early teens. It was my signature color, but I got bored with it and wore mostly red for the next few years. After that it was blue. This past year I've fallen in love with purple again - especially lavender and eggplant shades.

Lilacs are such a romantic flower. They're a little sweet and a little somber, and I love seeing different artist's depictions of them - from botanical illustrations to renditions in pastels. Just hearing the word "lilac" makes me think of the song Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time. It was topping the charts in 1928, and the only reason I know it is from the 1928 film, Lilac Time, starring Colleen Moore and Gary Cooper. It's a sentimental wartime romance set in France. I haven't seen the entire film - only several long clips online - but the images and accompanying soundtrack made enough of an impression on me to always associate them with the flower.

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  1. My grandmother's neighbor had an enormous lilac bush growing in her back yard, and I'd always have to reach over the fence and steal a couple of bunches. I still adore the smell so much.
    Love these prints! Thank you for making me think of something so lovely.