Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On the Road

The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road
The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road
The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road - peephole sunrise
The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road - Juniper
The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road
The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road
The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road
The Flying Clubhouse: On the Road
We spent only twelve days on the road, but it seemed much longer since we covered 5000+ miles. We really fell in love with road tripping. It was an adventure staying in all kinds of motels and towns - most of them pleasant, some not so much, but all of them different. Since this vacation to the Grand Canyon and beyond was a new experience for us, I've tried to note all the little things that we enjoyed and found useful on this road trip.

Favorite road trip travel hacks:

✽ A child's travel toothbrush kit. I use a soft toothbrush anyway and I really appreciated the suction cup stand at the end of my kiddie toothbrush (really great for keeping your toothbrush clean on questionable motel sink counters).
✽ Comfortable travel shoes. I mostly wore a comfy pair of moccasins. Not only did they go with all of my outfits, but they were great for walking and they were easy to slip on and off in the car.
✽ A box of wet wipes were really handy for spot-cleaning spills on car seats and clothes.
✽ Protein bars and squeezable fruit and veggie packs. We lived on these! We usually ate these for breakfast and lunch and we were able to save money and keep on driving through the day.
✽ A cooler for keeping meltables and spoilables while you're on desert excursions - especially useful for meds, makeup and protien bars, but also anything else you might want to protect. (It was so hot in the car my husband's flipflops melted. :-/)
✽ A tube of travel sunscreen that clips on the strap of your bag. This was great for refreshing sunscreen while out on a walk. I didn't even have to stop and fish around in my backpack.
✽ Moisturizer - this is something I left behind and regretted! The air is so dry in the Southwest, my hands and face were really missing some lotion.

A few things I fell in love with:

California condors
✽ Seeing the sunrise through a motel door peephole
✽ Juniper trees
Hopi Art
✽ Mesas and buttes
Cliff dwellings
✽ Getting up early and hitting the road
✽ Driving through the San Juan Mountains, CO

I'm already itching to go on another road trip, and it looks like there may be more travel on the horizon this year. What are you favorite road trip hacks and road trip loves?

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1 comment:

  1. Great tips all!

    For winter trips: Have a bag of kitty litter int he back of your car. Not only will this add weight to your car on slipper roads (and hey, you should add other things too, because kitty litter isn't that heavy), but you can use it to absorb some of the snow if you slide off the road and get stuck. Could be enough to get your out. Also, always keep an umbrella, and a blanket in the car.

    For summer, the cooler is so important! (Amazed that the flipflops melted! Yikes!). For travel in AZ/ the Southwest, getting hand towels in the car, so you can cover up your seatbelt and/or any metal you might touch.