Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween 2016: He's So Fine / She's a Babe

It's almost Halloween! Party time! Excellent!

We were invited to an early Halloween party this year. The costume theme was MTV. My costume was inspired by Toni Basil from her "Mickey" video. Steven wanted to be Wayne from Wayne's World. He bought the hat, and the rest of our costumes were assembled from pieces in our wardrobe and thrift store and ebay finds. I did purchase some yarn to make the pompoms on my shoes and craft felt to create the letters and megaphone on my vest.

In doing a little research for my costume, I descovered that LVH stood for Las Vegas High - Toni Basil wore her highschool cheerleading outfit in the 1980 Mickey video!

I think it's evident from these photos we had loads of fun here and at the party. If you'd like to see our past Halloween costumes, the tag is Anna and Steve's All Hallows Eve.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Please share in the comments! :-)


  1. You guys always do such fun costumes! I love your cheerleader look, and of course Wayne is a classic.
    I'm hoping I get a chance to dress up this year. I have several potential costumes, it's just a matter of finding a good spot to show it off...

    1. Thank you! I never saw Wayne's World until this year, but after Steven introduced me to the movie, I have to agree it's a classic.

      I know what you mean - in the past we have worn costumes just for the three or five trick-or-treaters who have stopped by! Not much showing of, lol.