Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween 2016: Over the Garden Wall

Halloween 2016: Over the Garden Wall | Wirt & Beatrice
Halloween 2016: Over the Garden Wall | Beatrice
Halloween 2016: Over the Garden Wall | Wirt
Halloween 2016: Over the Garden Wall | Wirt & Beatrice
Halloween 2016: Over the Garden Wall
Halloween 2016: Over the Garden Wall | Beatrice
"One is a bird 
Two are the trees
Three is the wind in the leaves
Four are the stars
Five with the moon
Smiling down upon thee."

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. These costumes were rather last minute - but the idea of an Over the Garden Wall Halloween was just too much fun to pass by. Steven is Wirt, and I'm Beatrice (I won't say anymore about these characters because I don't want to let any spoilers slip by). We have been fans of the ten-part Cartoon Network series for awhile, and we had all the elements for these costumes in our home - except for two bottles of Rit dye needed to turn my dree blue. Steven even had a pair of too-short gray trousers from another costume - I didn't have to hem them!

The dress was created years ago, when I wanted to make a regency-era costume. It was off-white, and if you want to see a "before photo" of it, it did appear in a Halloween production of Dracula. I used Rit dye to turn it blue and added some lace. Beatrice's dress in OTGW is a little more complex, with an over-skirt and more lace, but I didn't want to fiddle with this dress too much, and time was short, so this is the final result.

I would have liked to make a longer, full-circle cape for Steven, but I was working with an old curtain and half an old bed sheet. It took a few days to sew up, and the longest part was probably attaching the buttons. Fortunatly, I had six matching brass ones in my stash. Although Steven may not be a dead-ringer for Wirt, this costume suits him so well because he loves garden gnomes. (A garden gnome is kind of his personal mascot at work).

My sister came to visit and helped us take most of these photos. The night before, she and Steven carved pumpkins while I finished up the red pointy Wirt cap. Anyway, after all the Halloween festivities ealier in the month, we plan to have a quiet night at home, waiting for trick-or-treaters. I may even watch Over the Garden Wall again.


  1. SO clever and I love that you went as Beatrice instead of Greg! (I absolutely love Greg but this was so clever!)

    1. Thank you, Kailey! Aw, I love Greg too - our decision had some practical reasons, actually. I pretty much already had the dress and hair, and I've seen some fantastic Greg costumes, but a wearable upside-down tea kettle seems really complicated to make! :-)