Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The terrible wildfires in North Carolina have made our area hazy and smoky. A few days ago we took a little hike in the late afternoon. The smoky atmosphere diffused the fiery fall colors almost into pastels. In the past few days we've stayed inside, running our little airfilter. Yesterday, stepping outside and breathing the air was like breathing in a bag of bbq potato chips. I'm grateful we're able to stay inside, and I worry about the people with outdoor jobs. Stay safe and vigilant, all who are affected by these fires.


  1. That is too bad about the fires! We get fires in the summer here too (Alberta, Canada) and it is never very fun. However, these pictures are beautiful. I love the one with the winding road- it makes me wonder where it leads. . .
    The Artyologist

  2. Such a nice post! and light and colors too :)