Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Inspiration from Kandinsky

1. Autumn in Murnau / 1908
2. Murnau Am Staffelsee / 1908
3. The Ludwigskirche In Munich / 1908
4. Winter Landscape / 1909
5. Blue Mountain / 1908
6. Murnau View With Railway And Castle / 1909
7. Color Study: Squares With Concentric Circles / 1913

I've had art on the brain lately. In the past few days I've been attacking a half-dozen canvases with loads of paint. It's fun, joyful, and also a little sad because I always feel the angst of my art never being good enough or meaningful enough.

I find so much meaning in the works of Wassily Kandinsky, however. When I think of Kandinsky, bold abstract paintings come to mind. But here, I wanted to share some of his early works - autumnal landscapes, ect. The colors remind me of what I see when I step outdoors now, in late November, but bolder and brighter - with enhanced emotion.

Have a safe and warm Thanksgiving weekend!

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