Friday, August 24, 2018


On Thursday, August 14, this tiny orphaned kitten showed up on our front stoop, crying for help! It was a very hot day and he had three little plant burrs stuck in his fur. I scooped him up and brought him indoors, feeling a little panicked because I wasn't sure how to care for him.

Steven was home sick with a cold, but he ran to the store for some cat food a litter. I gave the kitten a dish of water and put him in an empty plastic container. When Steven brought the wet food home, the kitten ate like he was starving. I was worried he wouldn't eat solid food, since he was so young and small, but he had no trouble with the pate-textured cat food.

He was a survivor. I realized that I was hearing his cries around our house for two days before he made it to our front door. Every time I went out to investigate the cries, I found nothing, and ended up believing it was a bird. I can't imagine what it was like for him, alone in this terrible heat, with no food or water.

We named him Jupiter and moved him to our bathroom with food, water, blankets, a cardboard bed, and little box. I was so worried he would be sick, but he was very responsive, playful, and he used the litter box regularly. In fact, he never had a single accident - he already knew what to do with a litter box! We was such a purry friendly boy.

It was only a day before we knew we wanted to keep him. It's kitten season and all the shelters are full. He would be killed at the local animal shelter. Unfortunately, we knew how our landlord felt about pets. Steven still had a meeting with her to ask about keeping the cat, but her answer was no. We may have done some ugly crying when it really sunk in that we couldn't keep Jupiter.

Next came an anxious time of searching for forever homes. Jupiter was living on borrowed time at our place. Instagram was a great resource and some lovely people spread the word about a little black cat who needed a home in Western NC. @TabbyCatLiability, @MaddyTheHousePanther, and @black_cat_crew, were some of the few that reached out to give us kind advice and and Jupiter's story. Our sweet local friends supported us by bringing us gifts and telling us it was all going to be okay.

We took Jupiter to the vet on Monday. We needed to know see if he was healthy and let potential adopters know he was safe to have around other pets. I was so nervous, but the vet gave him a completely clean bill of health. All his tests came back negative. He didn't even have any fleas. I was so happy that day. The vet was able to answer my questions and let me know that we were indeed feeding him the right diet. (I was concerned because Jupiter was completely uninterested in the kitten milk replacer we bought him - snubbing it in favor of solid food).

Long story short, my parents, who live in the Raleigh area, fell in love with him. They were pet-free but had a lot of experience with cats. My sister lives near them so they have a built-in pet sitter. It's been a stressful week with a happy ending. Jupiter loves his new home, which is a lot safer and more kitten-proof than our little rental. He's running, climbing, exploring, and basking in all the attention.

#SpayandNeuterYourPets #cleartheshelters #blackcatappreciation

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