Thursday, May 2, 2019

Spring Uniform and Jupiter Time

Steven and I took spring break to pet-sit Jupiter. He's about 10 months old now. This was the most time we spent with him since he showed up on our door step last August. He was adopted by my parents and they love him. He also thinks they're the greatest people. He's not a fan of cuddling or sitting on laps, but he wants to be with his people and watch what they're doing at all times. He's motto is "Don't tell me what to do." That's our boy. We're very proud of him.

This post also features my spring uniform, which you might call "The Daria," a boxy jacket, black skirt, and clompy boots. Everything is second-hand but my shirt and Dr. Martens. My bangs are ridiculous here because I did not pack my hairdryer and thought I could get away with just a straightener. So much for going minimalist with my hair routine. Maybe it's time to grow them out (again)?

I loved seeing Dad's plant babies. When Jupiter went to live with my parents they put all their house plants outside and in the garage. Some of these plants are non-toxic to cats, but they didn't want to risk it because Jupiter is into everything. I could absolutely seeing him eat an entire spider plant in one sitting. Now that it's summer, Dad's trying to bring the plants back to life. It looks like he's doing a great job. He's certainly done a great job raising Jupiter.

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  1. I sported the Daria look all through out high school. lol Except I ditched the boxy jacket and just wore quirky shirts.

    Juniper is such a cutie!

    1. Quirky shirts are always great! :-)

      Thank you! We think he's a cutie too.