Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer on Film

Corn, stormy sky
Wildflowers in grassy field
Blue Ridge Parkway bridge
Blue Ridge Mountains
Cape Lookout Lighthouse, NC
Cape Lookout Lighthouse, sea oats
Cape Lookout Lighthouse, sound side
Atlantic Beach, pier
Atlantic Beach at dawn
Atlantic Beach at dawn, sand pipers
Here are some 35mm snaps from our time this summer. I used a disposable Kodak camera with 800 ISO film. Cornfields, lighthouses, beaches and mountains - I feel that this humble roll of film captured the essence of our summer. Except - these photos look a little empty without human subjects. If our summer was a play, then these images would be the backdrops.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - The Seasons, Op. 37b - August "Harvest"

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  1. "if it was a play, these would be the backdrops"... perfect. i love these. they're so summery and bright... you make me feel so inspired to get back into things like film photography.
    i can't get enough of these photos. beautiful job.

  2. Oh wow! These all turned out so gorgeous!

  3. Such lovely photos :) I'm forever taking photos without people in them, I'm never sure if I should be taking photos of people I don't know and sometimes I just like my photos without people in them :) It's nice to pretend I have the world to myself!

    ~ K

  4. These are just lovely, I particularly love the last one and the one of the road and the bridge are my favourites. I really love that they don't have any people in them, they feel like mystical private places where anything might happen.

  5. You always take such lovely photos.

  6. these turned out beautifully- this is definitely allll summer. my favorite one has to be the photo of the stalks of corn though. i don't know why that one stands out so much to me, but i love how the subject is half sky half stalks :)

    xo marlen
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