Friday, February 13, 2015

Romance and Remembrance

The Flying Clubhouse: Romance and Remembrance
The Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Brooch
The Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Faux Pearl Necklace
The Flying Clubhouse: Brooch
The Flying Clubhouse: Gold Leaf Brooch
I took out some of my grandmother's costume jewelry to photograph. Still life photography had been on the brain, and February is the perfect time for it since the weather makes it so difficult to get outside and experience nature. I don't think things are nearly as interesting as the story or people behind them, but looking at these pieces reminded me of my grandmother and her style. She passed away when I was sixteen after years of dementia, but I have some nice memories of her when I was very little. She tutored me in reading and writing, and she had a great sense of style. 

She loved brooches and large, gold-colored pieces. When I was about four she gave me her blue heart pendant and the silver sparkly brooch - and I think those pieces are least representative of her style. However the gold leaf brooch was all her. I remember her wearing a lot of autumnal colors and subdued animal prints along with pieces like this leaf brooch. A pair of gold or enamel clip-on earrings always complimented her ensemble. She seemed very comfortable in her style.

I wore my grandmother's faux pearls for my "something old" at my wedding. This Valentine's Day, I'm celebrating romantic love, but I'm also remembering the loved one who came before me (I'm wearing the blue heart pendant right now). Do you also see Valentine's as a time to appreciate all kinds of love?

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  1. This is such a gorgeous post. Those pieces are beautiful and meaningful. Yes, I think Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate all types of love. Have a great one!

  2. pearls are timeless. Your grandmother seemed to be very nice person.. Valentine is too much commercial especially in shopping centers..and I agree with thought we should give love the whole year.. but I like that story about a priest Valentine who secretly helped people to get married when marriage was for that soldiers prohibited by some king ( I dont remember exactly that story) and that´s why was priest Valentin executed. It´s like his legacy for LOVE..and it´s endless and pure to me.
    (I am sorry for potential mistakes, You know I am from Slovakia and my english is pretty slang :)

  3. Aw I actually have a string of pearls really similar to your grandma's. I got mine from my great grandma. Unfortunately the strings are so old they broke and it's a huge mess in a plastic bag now. I love these pictures of your grandma's costume jewelry though. They turned out wonderfully! And I definitely see Valentine's Day as a time to celebrate all the kinds of love in our lives!

    Jamie |

  4. Oh, these pieces are spectacular! And yours photos are amazing - I love the black backdrop, it really makes the jewelry (and the flowers in your previous posts as well) stand out.

    And I much agree! I see Valentine's Day as a day to celebrate every kind of love. I'm more into celebrating the day with friends than with the partner, haha.

  5. You really are such a talented photographer. I also wore faux pearls handed down from my grandma (and her grandmother before her!) as my something old. There is something nice about being able to use an item to remember someone when you wear it.

  6. These are so beautiful! They remind me a little of fireworks because of the bright pieces and dark background!