Sunday, July 10, 2016

Around the Clubhouse: Summer Sparks

 I just wanted to share a short post with the shots from last week. As you can see, Steven and I had fun with sparklers. I hadn't lit one in years. Steven took the last photo and the third to last. I didn't seem so long ago when I was wearing the same dress last year at the Grand Canyon.

I recently found a vintage shell top with a lovely yellow and orange psychedelic design. I don't often wear orange and yellow (I like my clothes to contrast with my face and hair), but I couldn't resist this classic top - especially with a $3.50 price tag at a local thrift shop. I'm always excited to find vintage pieces that can be worn in the summer too.


  1. The pictures of the sparklers are great! Sparklers are so fun- I don't think I've lit any in years either, now that I think about it. The $3.50 shirt is also great- good thrift find!
    The Artyologist

  2. I usually light sparklers every year but this year we didn't. They really are super fun. I love them! I love the print of the navy dress. So pretty. :)

  3. Awesome find - and what a great price, to boot. I've really gotten into wearing orange during the summer in recent years. It all started a while back, when I wanted to do so for Tony's birthday, as orange is his favourite colour. What started as a one off orange filled outfit has now turned into a fun annual tradition and the perfect excuse for me to bust out the orange before fall starts. :)

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica