Saturday, August 11, 2018

Oil on Paper

Here are some of my recent-ish works on paper. I love using oils on paper. Arches makes a special paper just for that medium. I also use oils on canvas, birch wood, and hardboard, but there's something special about the absorbency of the paper that lets me manipulate the paint in a special way.

My one qualm about painting on paper is that is must be matted and framed behind glass for display. I sell my paintings unframed, which drastically lowers the cost and allows the customer to frame to their personal taste. When I need to put my paper works on display, however, I like to find a lovely, sturdy, second-hand vintage frame and refinish it. (I'll have to make a second post - maybe a diy on that, though).

Photographing paintings - especially the shinier ones - has given me quite a challenge. I'm not completely satisfied with the way I've captured these images. I love my Nikon D3100, but it struggles with capturing violet hues accurately. Fortunately, I can restore the purples in Photoshop.

I'm taking a brief pause on oil painting now, and am currently working on an acrylic series where the common theme is the color mauve.

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