Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wildflowers Through My Lens

Mountain Wildflowers
daisies in the foreground
Blue Ridge Mountains
Wildflowers of July
Daisy Fleabane in July
Yesterday we went on a hike - approximately 11 miles long. This is the longest stretch my husband and I have walked together, and our feet are pretty sore today. It really felt great, though - at least the first 8 miles did - and the weather was beautiful and unusually cool. The wildflowers everywhere were enchanting, and these are the best of yesterday's shots.

After lots of saving, last February we took the plunge and bought our first DSLR - a Nikon D3100. I'm slowly learning how to use it. In these photos, I used both The camera I've used for years is a Cannon PowerShot Elph300 HS, which is a dandy point-and-shoot for landscapes and close-ups, but not quite up-to-snuff for what I like in portrait/fashion photography. (For reference, I used the Nikon D3100 for most of this post, and the Cannon PowerShot exclusively for this post and this post). The Cannon PowerShot is so small, I can easily slip it in my pocket, and it's also quite tough. It's been dropped many times, sand-blasted, and keeps on ticking. So a large DSLR is taking some getting used to - especially since I have no intentions of dropping it or getting it anywhere near sand! (Also, I'm a pretty good example of "why we can't have nice things.")

This post represents the first time I've really taken out the DSLR and used it on a hike, leaving my point-and-shoot behind. I have loads to learn, and if you have any personal photography or camera care tips to offer a newbie, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. These are some beautiful photos! I'm totally with you about the whole camera thing, I have a Canon 600D which I love and always prefer the photos I take with it, but it's so big and clunky and not always practical. Whereas my Samsung point and shoot got run over by a bus and still works perfectly (really!) and I love the ease of it fitting in one hand and just being able to snap away carelessly with it. I tend to use my iphone a lot too just because it's easy.

    1. It got run over by a bus?? O_O Amazing it still works!

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm also too self-conscious, and big cameras tend to attract attention as well - sometimes even in the wilderness!

      I love the photography on your blog. Do you use both of your cameras (and iphone) for blogging?

    2. I know! It was only a single decker but still! It only suffered a few scratches, I was amazed!
      I too feel self conscious taking photos in public, I know it's silly and I shouldn't. And the shutter always sounds so loud when you least want it to!
      Thank you, I often feel my photography isn't up to snuff so that really means a lot! My outfit photos are all usually taken with my point-and-shoot or iphone, it's generally only landscapes and close ups of my things that I take with my DSLR. 90% of the time it's my iphone doing the work! I really should use my DSLR more though, it makes me feel guilty when it just sits there.

  2. Oh good for you getting out there and learning a new camera like this!

  3. These are beautiful photographs! And an 11 mile hike, that's quite a journey you both did there!

    1. Thanks, Lucy!

      Yes. Feet are still sore, but it was totally worth it. :-)

  4. These are lovely photos even if you are just trying the camera out. I got my first DSLR for my birthday last year and I had no idea how to use it or how to take photos. I just tried and tried. For me, I really had to learn what all the buttons do and what all the settings mean. My best tip was taking the same photo over and over and changing one setting at a time and then working out what each of them did. That really helped me, because I struggle to understand something when I can't see the affect it has.

    What an epic hike! I love a good walk! We had a great walk down the coast for about an 2 hours around the coast on Friday and it was lovely :D

    1. Thanks, Kerri. That's some really great advice! I'm a visual learner too, and this makes a lot of sense.

      So glad you had a nice time at the beach. Two hours does sound lovely. I learned earlier this month that walking on sand can work out some surprisingly different leg muscles than walking on firm ground!