Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thrifty Fall Shopping

The Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall Shopping - boots
The Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall Shopping
The Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall Shopping - 90s backpack bag
The Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall Shopping
The Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall Shopping
My fall/winter wardrobe really needed a boost, and this year, I've decided to do all my shopping at thrift shops (with the exception of one hat and one bag - not pictured here). Over the summer, my husband visited quite a few different thrift stores to collect books. It gave me the opportunity to tag along and fill in some gaps in my wardrobe. All these things were found over the course of many visits - not just one.

  • Tall leather boots
  • 70s waterproof boots
  • Leather lace-up booties

  • Berry macrame bag (as seen in this outfit).
  • Blue cotton Central American woven bag
  • 90s green corduroy backpack bag
  • Vintage brown cotton paisley scarf
The Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall Shopping - topsThe Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall ShoppingThe Flying Clubhouse: Thrifty Fall ShoppingI was really lacking in long-sleeve shirts last fall and winter, but I had great success in finding a variety of tops this summer. I also found some comfortable flared jeans that look like they had never been worn. When thrifting, I try to look for basic items in good condition that will last for many seasons, or interesting vintage pieces that have stood the test of time. Here's what I came up with:

  • 70s-80s blouse with poet sleeves (or pirate sleeves, as I like to call them)!
  • Denim sleeveless button-down top
  • Casual purple jersey cotton top
  • Royal purple turtleneck sweater
  • Vintage reversible cotton top with Mandarin collar
  • Flared jeans
The Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Goodies - Simplicity 60s PatternsThe Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Goodies - Simplicity 70s PatternsThe Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Goodies - Simplicity 9156 ,1970In addition to some new-to-me clothes, I also found some vintage goodies. These patterns from 1967, 1969, 1970 and 1972  respectively, were a quarter each. I'm loving the a-line button-down skirts I'm seeing everywhere, and thought I might try to make my own. I love the one in Simplicity 5144, but if it looks too complicated, I may scrap the buttons and try the "How-to-Sew" 7218 pattern. That's sounds more to my speed.

Simplicity 9156 isn't even in my size, but the blonde girl's bangs hypnotized me, and the tunic dress was just too groovy.
The Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Goodies - Johnson Bros. "Posy"
The Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Goodies - FireKing, Pyrex, CorelleI also picked up some mid-century cups. Milk glass and 50s-60s-70s patterns seem to call me by name. After taking them home, I always look up the names of the patterns. From left to right: Fire-King (Primrose), Pyrex (Spice O' Life), Corelle (Butterfly Gold), Pyrex Dinnerware (Dove Gray). These were also 25 cents each. The Johnson Bros "Posy" cup and saucer (in the first photo) I spent a few dollars on because it was a set.
The Flying Clubhouse: Vintage Goodies - FireKing "Primrose" CupThe chief thing I learned in this thrifting challenge is to keep a list. I made a list of all the wardrobe pieces I wanted for this autumn, and every time I went to the charity shops and thrift stores, I systematically went through the racks looking specifically for things on my list. It was a good strategy stretched out over multiple visits. A list kept me focused. This thrifting challenge was fun, too. It made me feel like a hunter. ;-)

Are you shopping second-hand this fall? Any good finds?

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  1. I really love the shoes in the second picture and the bag in the third picture! And I also have decided to stick to thrift shopping this fall. Not only is it cheaper on the wallet, but it's much more conscious. And I think it's more fun too! Also those cups!! They are so cute, they remind me of ones my mom and grandma have.

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

    1. They are grandma cups, aren't they? :-) Good luck with your fall thrifting!

  2. Oh my- those shoes! I very rarely have the patience to thrift good shoes but those ones look great. I like seeing all your summer thrift finds.

    1. Thanks, Kristian. Yes, it does take patience! But sometimes - I think it's this time of year when they start bringing out the boots - they just pop out at me. I also wear 8-8.5 in boots and I think my size is one of the most easy to find.

  3. I want everything!! I'm excited to shop secondhand for Fall. There's still too much summer clothing in there so I'll probably have to pop in a month. I would love more boots and tops! I also lack long sleeves and just worn the same jackets.. so boring!

    1. Ooh, I like finding jackets and coats in thrift stores - the only places I can afford 100% wool. :-) Good luck with your thrifting!

  4. I love your finds! I'm especially loving the corduroy backpack and boots. I have plans to thrift shop for fall, mostly with long sleeved blouses and some skirts in mind. Maybe some knit sweaters/cardigans. I'm getting really excited just thinking about it. :D

    1. Thank you, Zoey! I'm getting excited about the corduroy backpack too because I just realized my camera fits inside perfectly. Hope you come across some great finds!

  5. Ooo this makes me want to go thrifting again soon. My thrifting game has definitely suffered since I started working full time. I love the idea of making a list of things you want. I usually just go in and sift through everything without a goal. Though when I do have something in mind, it's a much quicker and easier trip! Anyway, the glassware you found is gorgeous and I'm loving all the boots too!

    Jamie |