Thursday, June 4, 2015

Clubhouse Year

The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year
It's the 70th post and this month marks a one-year blogiversary. I'd like to thank you for reading, viewing, following, commenting. I hope it's been interesting for you, because this year was certainly interesting for me. Here are some highlights and things that happened this year (in no particular order):

❧ I learned a great deal about photography and our Nikon D3100. With practice, I grew comfortable shooting in manual mode.

❧ The most popular post this year - the one that received the most hits - was September's Purple Roses, featuring Mata Traders.The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - feather
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - sea foam
❧ We visited the coast of North Carolina and saw Cape Lookout.

❧ I embedded a piece from Tchaicovsky's The Seasons in one post every month. I love these reflective pieces for solo piano, they're so relaxing and really take me to another place. My favorite excerpt is Troika (November). What's yours?
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - swamp weed
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - wildflowers
❧ In October, my sister and I went to the Land of Oz, which is in North Carolina. Who knew?

❧ My style evolved muchly - it's become more earthy and rustic. Practicality and my personal aesthetics seem to be converging. I gravitated toward a looser silhouette. I used to be all about fit-and-flair and now my motto is "waist not." I wore a lot of burgundy, aubergine and black. Dark ditsy prints were my passion. I fell in love with wide-brim hats. My trusty thrifted backpack proved to be the most useful bag this year. Not only does it function as a purse, but it also carries my camera on hikes. What can I say? I love having my arms free.
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - Favorite Outfits

❧ We had an incredibly brief but beautiful snow this year.

❧ George Gently, Sherlock, Call the Midwife, Poirot, Marple, Endeavour - I enjoyed lots of British TV this year. I may have a problem. We didn't go to the theater much, but we did see The Imitation Game on Christmas and thought it was incredibly moving. I also enjoyed The Theory of Everything.The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - amethyst
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - green stones
❧ I enjoyed experimenting with night photography and long exposures.

❧ My husband and I played a lot of addictive Nancy Drew games. In fact, we just finished Sea of Darkness, which is one of our favorites so far - super puzzles, interesting story and characters. I've been playing these games since I was a kid. In fact, I think immersing myself in so many Nancy Drew puzzles actually helped me with my SAT at the end of high school. But somehow the older I get the more challenging these games become!
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - mystery book nook
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - mystery book nook
❧ There are times of year that stand out - April, when everything is in bloom, October, when the leaves are at their peak color, but I thought late summer was especially beautiful this year. The fields turned yellow with wildflowers and we had many lovely days.

❧ This year I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic disorder. Getting diagnosed with OCD was surprising and uncomfortable at first, but it explained so many things about my life - past and present. With medication and strategies learned in therapy, I'm in control of my life again and managing quite well. I haven't had a panic attack in months. I feel stronger after going through this experience and more comfortable with living with uncertainty. Seeking professional help was a difficult step, but absolutely worth it. You can learn more about OCD here.
Dainty Cats with Smudge Noses
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year - raindropsGreat little things are coming and I'm very excited. There's the autumn zine, I'm determined to write more this year, and there will be hats with even wider brims. ;-) We're going to be traveling soon and we're planning all kinds of adventures.

Thank you so much for reading. I cherish your comments so much. Here's to another year!
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year
The Flying Clubhouse: Clubhouse Year
The Seasons, Op. 37b, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky

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  1. Such a sweet post, Anna. I'm glad things are going well for you. Have a wonderful year!

    1. Thanks, Catherine! Your support has meant so much! <3

  2. Wonderful post from a fantastic creative lady about her amazing adventures :D x

  3. Your blog is always a beautiful haven of rustic vibes and relaxation that really stands out. I enjoy the rural yet polished and cultured posts and locations, keep up the great work, lady.

  4. I'm so glad for you that you found the help you needed -- OCD is such a misunderstood condition. Actually, I didn't know much about it until I read a graphic novel called The Nao of Brown which came out a few years ago; the protagonist has a form of OCD (although the main reason I enjoyed the book is because it's set in locations that are familiar to me, including around the corner from my house!)

    Focussing on good little things, the way you seem to do in your photos, is a great way to live (and heal), so it's good to read you have more of those coming up in your life too :) I look forward to more lovely photos and experiments! (and I love your little book nook, it's perfect)

  5. I really enjoy your pictures, stories and looks. Happy anniversary :-)

  6. Wow- I've loved seeing a peek into your life with this review. I mean, I read all the posts, but it is interesting to see things in perspective of one another as well as the small moments. I'm glad you were able to be diagnosed so as to get what you needed to be in control of things again, and find you brave to share that with us, for no journey is without its struggles.

    Can't wait to see this autumn zine and all the nature-y and stylish adventures that are in your future.